Texas Rose is BACK!

We're back every second Saturday of the Month!  New hours - we're finishing up at 10:10pm.

Join us Saturday June 10th for Texas Rose!
Two step 101 will start at 6:30. @7pm - Line Dance lesson.


What Are Texas Rose's Covid Protocol's?

*Masks Required in Ballroom

*Second Room for Refreshment

*Air Purifiers

*Hand Sanitizer

We are committed to doing our best to keep everyone safe. We have one of the most age diverse dances in the area. We have dancers who are teenagers and dancers who are in their 80's. We also have some immune compromised dancers. Because they and our elders are at higher risk of complications if they get Covid, we want to do our best to keep everyone safe at Texas Rose

Masks will be required at all times in the main dance room. No drinks or food are allowed in this room. (we highly recommend wearing the evidence-based most protective KN95 or N95 type masks). Masks are for sale at the door for $5. KN95 Masks

We are renting a second room for snacks and beverage. This room will be mask optional. Windows will be open and there will be an air purifier in this room. We will have materials for you to label your water bottles and keep them in this room.

We have hand sanitizer available in both rooms and facial wipes in the snack room.

Lake Merritt Dance Center has purchased and built several air purifiers so that we can do our best to keep the air as clean as possible. (Thank you to our volunteer air purifier builders!)

The city has altered the windows in our dance hall to prevent them from opening fully. We are very sad about this. LMDOF is is working with the city to fix them. In the meantime, LMDOF has purchased indoor air coolers with the city and in the mean time we will place fans at the windows to pull in air to the best of our ability. We recommend wearing light clothes to dance in.