Country Two Step

Let our guest instructors give you a lesson every time we meet at 6:30.  And if you are eager to learn more, check out the video below.  In San Francisco though, we start with the slow - so the sequence is SLOW SLOW QUICK QUICK.











Line Dancing

Learn a new line dance every month!  Check out a few of our favorite lince dances right now in our LINE DANCE PAGE


And if you want to learn more details about the timing and the steps of any line dance visit https://www.copperknob.co.uk/


The Barn Dance

It's our tradition to dance the Barn Dance every night at 9pm!  It's a great tradition and a great time to dance with a lot of people.  Check out the steps on the left video and our dance on the right!









Other Forms

East coast, west coast, walz!  


















































Additional Info

Check out some Basic Rules and Dance Etiquette and Safety from our friends at Sundance Saloon.




6:30-7:15 Beginning Two Step

7:15-8:00 Line Dance

We urge beginners to attend the 6:30 two-step lesson. You'll have fun and meet people you can dance with later! Make sure you have dinner before coming so you can stay for dancing later.

We welcome newcomers -- friendly advanced dancers will help you along the way.