Texas Rose last dance, December!

After an incredible nearly 15 years of running the dance we have decided to end monthly dances at Texas Rose. Since opening our doors in May 2009 we have been committed to bringing the next generation into the dance and creating an open and welcoming age and gender diverse community. We are proud of the work we have done and couldn't have done it without our dedicated volunteers. 


We know you want to continue dancing regularly in this special community so we reached out to some of the dancers and are supporting a group to continue the tradition of monthly dances. This group is presently working on a a plan to create a new monthly dance which will continue to be on the second Saturdays of the month, and Texas Rose has offer to help this group become a 5013c nonprofit. We have also offered to pay the first 3 months of rent to help them get off the ground. We will share more details as we go. More information is to come with ways to get on their email list soon. 


To our beloved dancers, we want to acknowledge and thank you for your energy and care for Texas Rose. You showed up at Texas Rose and you encouraged others to come to the dance. You saw the value of dancing together and you created stronger and healthier connections with your mind, body and spirit with yourself and our community. You made Texas Rose what it is today, a warm and welcoming place where people dance and connect with one another in the tradition of Country Western dancing. 


We want to especially acknowledge and thank our core team and many volunteers who over the years have helped with many aspects of this dance. We have always been a volunteer run organization and are proud of having created that legacy in the Trans Inclusive Womxn's Dance community. 


We have two monthly dances left. October 14 and December 9. The November dance is cancelled due to Stompede that weekend and we hope to see you all there at the Saturday Social and the Hoedown! 


Please also plan to join us on December 9 for our last monthly dance / holiday /goodbye celebration. We are planning a special farewell evening. After the new year, Texas Rose plans to be involved in fundraisers for LMDOF and host other special events. 


Thank you for nearly 15 years of Texas rose! We look forward to seeing y'all soon.


Chiara and Cheryl